During your pre-operative interview, you will be given instructions on what types of clothes to wear, medicines to take, etc. The following points will help you make any necessary arrangements in advance to better prepare:

  1. If you haven’t already filled out and returned the Patient Registration form, please visit our Forms page. Please be sure to give us a telephone number where a TOSC staff member can contact you during your recovery, if it’s different from your other numbers.
  2. Next, fill out the online Health History Form or download a copy to prepare for your pre-operative interview with a nurse.
  3. Please take a moment to review the other forms that will be reviewed with you prior to your surgery, including: Pre-Op Instructions, Notice Of Privacy Practices, Advance Directive and Patient Bill of Rights.
  4. The exact time of your surgery will be assigned no later than 4 pm the day prior to your surgery. During your pre-operative interview, you will be given a toll-free telephone number to call (after 4 pm) and medical record number to retrieve specific details.
  5. A responsible adult must accompany you to and from the Surgery Center, remain at the Center while you are in surgery, and be available to both drive you home and assist you through the night. For your protection, we recommend having someone stay with you 24 hours following your surgery in case you have any unanticipated reactions.
  6. If you were fitted with a special brace or sling to be used following surgery, your physician will have it delivered to the TOSC prior to your appointment.
  7. Please be sure to make payment arrangements in advance, so you do not need to bring money with you the day of surgery. Contact our business office for an estimate. They can take your credit card information over the phone.
  8. Be sure to strictly follow the instructions about fasting from food and liquids prior to your surgery. This is not about convenience – it is for your safety. When under anesthesia, a person has no swallowing or gag reflex, and eating or drinking prior to surgery can cause serious complications, including having their lungs fill with fluids.
  9. We limit the number of visitors to two per patient. Other family members and friends are welcome in our reception/general waiting room.
  10. On the day of surgery, please leave all valuables at home. Bring only a copy of your insurance card and driver’s license for identification.
  11. Other items you might need if you use them: inhaler, a case for storage of contact lenses or glasses, bottles of insulin; for children, a bottle or “sippy cup” and favorite blanket or doll/toy.
  12. Please do not wear any make-up or perfumes, as this can hide certain clinical signs. And be sure to remove all body piercings.
  13. If you do not speak English or are hearing impaired, please bring an interpreter with you. If an interpreter is not available, please contact the Center in advance.

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