Because Tallahassee Outpatient Surgery Center operates independently from physician offices, we must maintain separate records. And because of regulations, much of the information may not be shared between the two offices. We appreciate your patience in answering similar-sounding questions between your doctor's office and our surgery center.

There are a number of separate charges associated with your surgical procedure, as our facility operates independently from the physicians and medical suppliers that may be involved in your care. Therefore, you might be billed all or some of the following.

  1. Tallahassee Outpatient Surgery Center – for any remaining balance due after the insurance payments are received.
  2. Your surgeon's office – his/her fee for performing your surgery.
  3. Your anesthesiologist for his or her services during surgery.
  4. Durable Medical Equipment, such as crutches, braces, slings and walkers as needed.
We accept cash, personal checks and all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Yes, in fact, the Tallahassee Outpatient Surgery Center is the first to offer the regional block both with and without the pain pump for pain control in Tallahassee. To arrange the service, talk to your surgeon in advance of the surgery. If you have not done so, we can also arrange it when you meet with your anesthesiologist on the day of surgery.

Most patients will need to visit the Center prior to surgery in order to assure an accurate medical history, to take care of necessary paperwork and provide payment. It is important to have all of your pre-operative documentation completed before the day of surgery to avoid delay.

Generally, you will meet your anesthesiologist the day of surgery, unless special circumstances dictate otherwise. We will be happy to arrange a pre-operative interview with an anesthesiologist, if you desire.

All patients will need an up-to-date health history, which can be filled out online. A nurse will then review that information with you prior to your surgery. You may also download a health history form to review in advance, prior to your pre-operative interview with the nurse.

There are several steps that need to be followed prior to your surgery. Please visit our Preparing for Your Surgery information page for full details.

To better assure you, we have outlined all of the steps that you can expect the day of surgery. Please visit our “Day of Surgery” information page for full details.

Please remember that it is vital for you to arrive on time for your appointment. If you arrive late, you run the risk of having your surgery re-scheduled.

Because your surgery involves anesthesia, it is recommended that you do not drive for 24 to 48 hours following your procedure. Therefore, TOSC requires an adult/driver to accompany all patients to their appointment the day of surgery. This person must remain at the Center throughout the procedure (usually 2-4 hours, depending on the nature of the surgery) and accompany you home. Any patient arriving at the Center without an adult driver risks having their surgery re-scheduled.

For greater efficiency – and as a courtesy to your fellow patients – TOSC must limit visitors in the pre-operative rooms. Only two people may be with the patient in that area.

However, we offer a very spacious reception and general waiting room for family members and friends. We just ask that, for the comfort of other patients and their family members, you limit the number of children who are under the age of 10.

Although some people think this just has to do with avoiding nausea or vomiting after surgery, it’s actually much more serious. If you eat or drink prior to surgery, you run the risk of aspirating gastric contents during your surgery, which means your lungs could fill with fluids. This is a very serious complication, so it’s important that you strictly abide by this recommendation. This includes abstaining from hard candy, chewing gum and tobacco.

Please note that children have different fasting schedules than adults, so please check this with your nurse during your pre-operative appointment. If you take a daily medication, check these with the nurse as well for any recommendations on dosage the day of surgery

Please wear comfortable clothing. Button-down shirts or blouses are best, as they require less strain when changing to and from the operating gown. Leave all jewelry at home, including body piercings. If you wear contact lenses, please bring a case for them and glasses, if needed. Do not wear any make-up, as this can mask certain clinical signs.
Yes, as this will add to your comfort. Please do not use make-up, nail polish or perfumes, as they can interfere with clinical monitoring during your surgery.
Herbal remedies are considered along with any other medications you are taking and will be discussed during your pre-operative interview. Be sure to mention these to the nurse and bring a list, plus dosage amounts, of what you are taking for the interview.
If you are ill, please contact the TOSC to cancel your procedure as soon as possible, then call the surgeon's office to re-schedule.